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Building a community

We envision a world where one’s spiritual healing can inspire others towards their own divine awakening. By channeling your own inner peace, self-love, and power, you are equipped to living a deeper and fuller life as the best version of yourself, thereby enriching the lives around you.

This Is Us

We are a team of 4 women looking to inspire those in need of cleansing their energies and attracting a new potential. As any individual, we each have undergone many difficult times throughout our lives, where trials and tribulations have inspired our own spiritual awakenings. In attempts to broaden our mindset, we have researched numerous literary works and taken courses on life coaching skills as well as personal development and meta-physics. This has allowed us to reach a deeper level of understanding in how to apply our products to our everyday lives and given us a motivating perspective in how to achieve all our goals, dreams, and aspirations. 


This is where the idea of The Mystical Secret was born. We wanted to open a company that would provide tools, such as crystal kits and crystal infused candles, to maximize the energy healing journey with self-love and care. In terms of the basis of spirituality: we believe in the deep relationship you have within yourself, the power of the energy of the Universe, and the special bond you have with whatever God/s you pray to. This relationship is the fuel for any tool you decide to acquire. These tools have the potential to empower you towards the right direction of healing, attracting, and manifesting, but you can't rely on it to do the job on its own. The energy you seek to spark up these tools is held within you; this, combined with some real inner-work, will transform you into a true manifesting artist!

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